Ford and Dodge Trucks in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

With summer in full swing in Cuyahoga Falls, right now is the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new Ford or Dodge truck. At Klaben Motors, you get a great selection of Ford and Dodge trucks that you can depend on now and for years to come. Whether you are looking to add a new Ford or Dodge truck to the work fleet or get something new to tow the boat to the lake, a hardworking Ford or Dodge truck is the perfect, powerful, and dependable solution for all of your needs. Learn more about the benefits of purchasing a new Ford or Dodge truck, and get a great vehicle for less at Klaben Motors.

    1. Proven Reliability: Ford trucks, particularly those in the F-Series, have a long-standing reputation for reliability and durability. The F-Series has been one of the best-selling truck lines for many years, indicating the trust and satisfaction of numerous owners. This reliability makes Ford trucks suitable for both daily commuting and heavy-duty work.
    2. Wide Range of Options: Ford offers a diverse lineup of trucks, ranging from the midsize Ford Ranger to the full-size Ford F-150 and the heavy-duty F-250 and F-350 models. This wide range allows customers to choose a truck that best suits their specific needs, whether it’s for light hauling, towing, off-road adventures, or professional use.
    3. Towing and Hauling Capabilities: Ford trucks are well-known for their impressive towing and hauling capabilities. The F-Series trucks, in particular, have high towing capacities, making them ideal for towing trailers, boats, RVs, and other heavy loads. Additionally, their spacious cargo beds can handle large or bulky items with ease.

Benefits of Owning a Dodge/Ram Truck:

  1. Powerful Performance: Dodge/Ram trucks are celebrated for their powerful engine options, delivering high-performance capabilities. Ram trucks, especially those equipped with HEMI V8 engines, offer robust power and torque, making them suitable for demanding towing and hauling tasks. Dodge trucks, like the RAM 1500 TRX, are designed for high-performance off-road adventures.
  2. Distinctive Design: Dodge/Ram trucks often have bold and distinctive designs that set them apart from other trucks on the road. Ram trucks, in particular, feature unique grille designs, adding to their visual appeal. Dodge trucks are known for their aggressive styling, making them popular among enthusiasts who appreciate a more assertive look.
  3. Off-Road Capability: Ram offers specialized off-road models like the Ram 1500 Rebel and Ram 2500 Power Wagon, equipped with features designed for off-road driving. These trucks come with enhanced suspension systems, skid plates, and off-road tires, making them well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous off-road driving.

Now that you know more about the benefits of Ford and Dodge truck ownership, all that is left is getting the right one. At Klaben Motors, we offer a great selection of new Ford and Dodge trucks to choose from. Shop online, in person, or give our friendly staff a call and let them know exactly what you are looking for. After all, there is no wrong way to shop for your next Ford or Dodge truck for your busy life in Cuyahoga Falls.